Audit results positive for Pineville City Court


Pineville City Court had $204,000 unassigned cash on hand on December 31, according to its audit report issued this month. Additionally, the court had $69,000 held for restricted use.

Auditors also noted the court had $655,000 in fiduciary funds on hand — funds collected for and payable to specific recipients.

Court costs were the greatest contributor to the General Fund, $204,000, and Judicial Building Fund, $42,000. Probation fees added another $89,000.

The audit notes, as required by law, that Judge Gary Hayes was paid $19,322 by the city, $92,248 by City Court and $51,866 by the state Supreme Court. Additional benefits took the compensation package to $230,716.

Auditors, as they did last year, urged personnel additions that would greater segregate financial duties as well as employ a person with greater knowledge of accounting.

The court responded, as smaller entities normally do, that such additions are not cost effective though it understands and agrees with the objective.