RADE Unit roundup operation results in 45 arrests

A multijurisdictional roundup operation conducted last week results in 45 arrests, methamphetamine and firearms seized.

In the early weeks of June 2023, Agents assigned to the Rapides Area Drug Enforcement (RADE) Unit began coordinating with Louisiana State Probation and Parole Agents in Alexandria in reference to a multijurisdictional operation roundup. The proposed mission had an emphasis on individuals who were currently being supervised by Probation and Parole and had active arrest warrants for failing to comply with the terms of their probation or parole status.

On June 29th, 2023, Agents from the Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole from around the state joined RADE Agents, deputies with the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office and Pineville City Marshals Office and Officers with the Alexandria and Pineville Police Departments as well as Troopers with the Louisiana State Police, in an effort to reduce the number of active Probation and Parole warrants in Rapides Parish.
In total, forty-five suspects were arrested during this multijurisdictional operation. Thirty-two were Probation/Parole warrant cases closed by arrest and fifteen were other local arrest warrants, weapons violations, and narcotic related charges. Additionally, over fourteen pounds of methamphetamines was seized, eight firearms recovered and over $8,600.00 was seized due to being revenue from the illegal sales of drugs.
The arrests were all made without incident and were conducted in the Alexandria, Ball, Boyce, Cheneyville, Deville, Hineston, Lecompte, Pineville and Woodworth areas.
Agents say the success of this multi-agency operation will lead to future operations being conducted in Rapides Parish.

Marvin Pride
67 Thompson Road Lecompte
Probation Violation
Deandre McQuard
5510 Sabina Road Alexandria
Probation Violation/LA Fugitive
Luella Kirkwood
2021 Jackson St Alexandria
Probation Violation
David Downs
1807 Construction Alexandria
Probation Violation
Brenda Steele
3355 Old Marksville Hwy Pineville
Contempt of Court
Herlandis Johnson
2021 Jackson St Alexandria
Contempt of Court/LA Fugitive x 6
Mathew Whitley
5307 Downing St Alexandria
Contempt of Court
Sabrina Coker
227 Mary Hill Pineville
Contempt of Court
Craig Bell
103 Johnson St. Cheneyville
Contempt of Court x 3/Poss CDS I
Firearm by Felon x 3/Drug Paraphernalia
Firearm w/Narcotics
Robbie Mullins
375 Stilley Rd Pineville
Probation Violation/Poss CDS II
Tabitha McKee
105 Happy Acres Pineville
Probation Violation
Travis Quattlebaum
53 Quattlebaum Rd Pineville
Probation Violation
Douglas Silva
6448 LA 28 E Pineville
Probation Violation
David Tabor
327 Fendler Parkway Pineville 
Firearm by Felon/Drug Paraphernalia
Eric Elmer
1011 Jolie Cr Woodworth
Probation Violation
Kentrell Carter
5615 Eddie Williams Alexandria
Probation Violation
Jasper Hawkins
5419 Jacquella Dr lot C Alexandria
Probation Violation/Poss CDS I
Andre Ford
3120 Dove Ct Alexandria
Probation Violation/Felon w Firearm
Poss CDS I
Edward White
804 Ward St Pineville
Probation Violation
Willis White
804 Ward St Pineville
Probation Violation
Mark Henagan
409 Willowford St Ball
Probation Violation
Thomas Hicks
5331 Oaklane Rd Pineville
LA Fugitive
Cassandra Nugent
1069 LA 454 Pineville
Probation Violation
Michael Wolf
382 Desoto St Pineville
Parole Violation
Sean Bennett
5345 Oaklane Pineville
Probation Violation/Poss CDS I CDS II
Chad Peary
305 Ray St Alexandria
Probation Violation/Poss CDS I CDS II
Timothy McDowell
102 Elm St Pineville
Parole Violation/Poss CDS II
Jennifer McComic
800 Stewart St Boyce
Probation Violation
Shania Powers
150 Tonti Dr Boyce
Probation Violation
Dakota Hudspeth
2855 LA 121 Hineston
Probation Violation
Marvin Miller
170 Rodney Ct Boyce
Probation Violation
Todd Phillips
3220 Redwood Dr Alexandria
Probation Violation
Kimberly Goodman
3218 Violet St apt B Alexandria
Probation Violation
Barbara Edwards
5005 Cooper Dr Alexandria
Probation Violation
Desmond Jordan
512 Richmond St Alexandria
Parole Violation/CDS II w intent
CDS I with intent/Firearm by felon
Firearm w/narcotics
Jartavis McCree
3218 Violet St Alexandria
Contempt of Court/Agg Resisting
Brandie Branton
112 Holly St apt A Pineville
Poss CDS I/ Poss CDS II
Alton Coke
112 Holly St apt A Pineville
Poss CDS I/ Poss CDS II
Troymond Wilson
2412 Cherry St Pineville
Probation Violation/Poss CDS I
Charles Pelum
160 Smith St Pineville
Probation Violation
Tyler Marshall
564 LA 104 Ball
Probation Violation
Casey Strother
6005 LA 165 Ball
Poss Stolen Firearm
Wendy Davis
12740 LA 28 E Pineville
LA Fugitive
Ricky Roland
174 Philadelphia Rd Pineville
Contempt Non-Support
Artimase Lee
5103 Third St Alexandria
Probation Violation