Hello again, Hammonds

Left: Lavonta Hammond | Right: Deonta Hammond


An alleged OWI offense has the Hammonds back in the Rapides Parish Jail.

Lavonta Hammond, 21, and Deonta, 23, were booked Saturday after a vehicle driven by the younger was pulled over.

Both were charged with probation violations, Lavonta for alleged possession of firearm and Deonta for alleged possession, manufacture, distribution or dispense of CDS I < /8 grams or analogues or counterfeits thereof.

Neither found the jail surroundings unfamiliar.

Lavonta was there two weeks earlier on a domestic abuse battery charge and in late May for alleged criminal damage, released on bond the same day of arrest in each instance.

Deonta’s last visit was February 2022 when he and Lavonta were jailed on multiple charges related to burglaries in several outlying parish communities.

Deonta was booked on Feb. 16 that year and charged with:

Criminal conspiracy three counts, criminal damage three counts, simple burglary, burglary of inhabited dwelling three counts, illegal use of firearm, theft of firearm seven counts, illegal possession of stolen firearm, obstruction two counts, criminal trespass and contempt of court two counts. He was released in May 2022 on $384,000 bond.

Lavonta had been arrested two days before Deonta, on Valentine’s Day 2022.

His charges included criminal conspiracy three counts, burglary of inhabited dwelling, resisting arrest two counts, simple burglary three counts, and criminal damage three counts. He was released in July 2022 on $341,000 bond.

The Hammonds’ parish record dates to 2019, when Deonta was charged with burglary of an inhabited dwelling on Aug. 13 and bonded out the next day.

On Feb. 15, 2020 he was booked on charges of alleged contributing to delinquency and unauthorized entry and released on bond the next day.

In November 2020 he was charged with illegal use of a dangerous weapon, posting bond two weeks later.

Meanwhile in 2020 Lavonta was arrested in May on a theft charge and bonded out the same day.

In November he allegedly burglarized an inhabited dwelling and was also charged with illegal possession weapon. He posted bond the next day, Nov. 18.

He was back in jail on Dec. 9, charged with theft of firearm seven counts, burglary of inhabited dwelling two counts, obstruction simple assault/battery, obstruction destruction/damage vandalism/tampering, criminal damage two counts, criminal trespass, illegal possession stolen firearm, criminal conspiracy two counts, illegal carrying firearm with drugs and possession, manufacture, distribution, dispense CDS I < 28 grams. He posted $74,000 bond on Dec. 15.

Neither Hammond is listed in 2021 jail records.

All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.