New law supports retired firefighters

A new law went into effect as of June 12 (HB 43) that requires payment of a nonrecurring lump-sum supplemental payment to retirees and beneficiaries of the Firefighters’ Retirement System (FRS).

“It’s good to see that HB43 has been signed by the Governor and is now Act 337,” said Gabe Firment, District 22 State Representative. “I started working on HB43 over one year ago when a retired firefighter approached me about helping retired firefighters across the state receive a cost of living adjustment to counter the record inflation that had hit retirees and their survivors especially hard. After months of working with the Firefighters Retirement System board, employers, and retirees, we were finally able to reach an agreement that granted retirees and their beneficiaries a one-time supplemental payment up to $2,500 to be paid by the system at no additional cost to taxpayers. Thanks to all of the retired firefighters who worked so hard to help get this legislation passed!”

Photo: File Photo