Bids sought as early as today on several school projects, supplies, other needs


Most students and teachers are doing other things now but the business of education continues summer or otherwise.

In addition to normal “off-season” maintenance and catch-up activity the Rapides system has a number of irons in the fire.
Part of that is due to having bond issue proceeds available in several school districts , part is the annual reloading of goods and services.

For instance, on July 13 the system will accept bids for supplying its cafeterias fresh produce for the school year beginning in August.

And providers of everything from milk and bread to meat and potatoes for a system of more than 22,000 students have to be selected.

Also on July 13 the board seeks bids for renovations to the stage at Alexandria Senior High. How’s that for a shift in subjects?

Before then there are other bids sought:

Today, offers for supplying track equipment to Northwood High;

June 26, LED scoreboard for Tioga High;

June 27, mitigation, remediation services for facilities;

June 27, Construction of Rapides High soccer fieldhouse;

June 29, cafeteria equipment and supplies;

July 6, sale of 1.8 acres at 1225 Windsor Place, former site of Miss Muffett Head Start Center;

July 20, Request For Proposals for turnkey purchase, installation of telephone bell and intercom system, J.B. Nachman Elementary;

July 25, softball fieldhouse, Northwood High.

Students report back on Aug. 14.