Council says count your chickens in rapidly-expanding Ball


Three more tracts have been annexed as the Town of Ball continues its incremental growth.

And a just-revised animal ordinance now governs the ownership of dogs, cats and other pets.

Newly annexed are property on Tioga Road and Hwy 165. All three are zoned for business.

On the south side of the road, 109 Tioga Road is about 1.5 acres owned by Michael and Daniel Thompson.

The Hwy. 165 properties are at 4807 (owned by L.E. Thompson) and 4811 (also owned by Michael and Daniel Thompson).

The animal ordinance resembles that of many other incorporated areas, particularly as it applies to dogs.

A wrinkle in the rules pertains to the keeping of chickens.

Owners are allowed up to six hens on lots of an acre or less. Lots of more than an acre can host up to 20.

Evidently alarm clocks will still be needed to signal first light. The ordinance makes no mention of roosters.

And in keeping with neighborly considerations neither a hen house nor fenced enclosure for the poultry can be less than five feet from any abutting property line.

Residents are prohibited from engaging in the selling of eggs or in chicken breeding, though the apparent absence of roosters seems to make that part of the clause unnecessary.

Even “city folks” know roosters are necessary for chicks, though they may not know infertile eggs do not require them.

Photo:  RPJ file Photo